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The Subdivision Process Explained

Understanding the subdivision process is crucial for homeowners and prospective property developers. In this blog, we'll simplify the process and guide you through each step.

What is Subdivision in Victoria?

Subdivision is the legal process of dividing a parcel of land into two or more lots, each with its own title. Governed by laws like the Subdivision Act 1988, this process ensures compliance with zoning regulations, land use policies, and environmental considerations.

Can I Subdivide My Land?

Whether you can subdivide your land depends on several factors such as zoning regulations, property size, and local planning schemes. We'll guide you on how to check your land's eligibility for subdivision, including consulting with local councils and understanding planning schemes.

The Subdivision Process

Embarking on land subdivision involves several critical steps:

  • Pre-Planning Phase: This includes initial research and preliminary design.

  • Application Phase: Involving survey work, town planning, and submitting applications.

  • Approval Phase: Where the council reviews your application, and you obtain required approvals.

  • Post-Approval Phase: Finalising the process with the lodgement of plans and registration of new titles.

Costs Involved in Subdivision

The cost varies based on the land size, project complexity, and number of lots. We break down the general costs, including survey fees, council fees, and authorities fees, providing a transparent look at what to expect financially.

Timeframe for Subdivision

The timeline for subdividing land can range from several months to longer, depending on factors like project complexity and council efficiency. We aim for a swift and smooth process, ensuring all necessary steps are completed diligently.

Subdividing Without Building Plans

For those not ready to build, a Section 173 Agreement offers a flexible solution. This legal contract with the local council allows subdivision now with the option to build later under specific conditions. Contact us at MG Land Surveyors to learn more about this process.

Ready to take the next step in your land development journey? Contact MG Land Surveyors, your partners in navigating the complexities of land subdivision in Melbourne. Let us help you unlock the true value of your land.

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