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Boundary Re-alignment

Adjusting boundaries between two properties without creating additional lots. Similar to a subdivision.

Boundary Re-alignment Services by MG Land Surveyors

Boundaries define properties, but sometimes they need redefining. MG Land Surveyors specialises in boundary realignments, addressing encroachment or land management issues by adjusting land boundaries between adjoining properties. The focus of these adjustments remains minor, ensuring land dimensions and areas remain largely unaltered.

Purpose of Boundary Re-alignment

Boundary realignments are ideal for addressing small encroachments or to improve land management. If your intentions lean towards major boundary modifications, we will need to approach it as a subdivision.

The Process

  1. Searches for title and relevant survey information relating to you land;

  2. Preparation of the a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision and subdivision permit application for submission to Council;

  3. Responding to correspondence from Referral Authorities and communicating with you about any actions required to obtain a Statement of Compliance;

  4. Site visit to finalise field notes for the Title Office;

  5. Marking new boundaries as necessary;

  6. Amending (if necessary) the Plan of Subdivision to comply with Council and service authorities’ requirements;

  7. Connecting the survey to MGA (Map Grid of Australia) if suitable coordinated marks exist within set parameters as directed by the Surveyor General of Victoria; and

  8. Following approval by Council, we provide you with all relevant survey documentation (Abstract of Field Records and Surveyors Report) to support an application (by yourself or your legal representative) to the Land Registry for registration and issue of new titles

For more information about the Boundary Re-alignment process or to schedule a consultation, contact us at MG Land Surveyors today. We're here to provide the insights and services you need to move forward with your land projects confidently and securely.

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