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Understanding the Difference Between Title Re-establishment and Feature Level Survey

When it comes to land surveying, there are various types of surveys that serve different purposes. Two common types of surveys are Title Surveys and Feature Level Surveys. While they may seem similar, they have distinct objectives and benefits. At MG Land Surveyors, we often encounter confusion among property owners and developers about which survey to choose. In this article, we'll clarify the differences between Title Re-establishment surveys and Feature Level surveys to help you make an informed decision.


What is a Title Re-establishment Survey?


A Title Re-establishment, also known as a Boundary Survey, is a detailed survey that identifies the boundaries of a property and verifies its ownership. The primary purpose of a Re-establishment Survey is to:


- Define property boundaries and corners

- Identify any encroachments or overlaps with neighboring properties

- Confirm the property's size and shape

- Verify the owner's title and any easements or restrictions


Re-establishment Surveys are typically required for:


- Property purchases or sales

- Subdivision or development

- Dispute resolution


What is a Feature Level Survey?


A Feature Level Survey, also known as a Detail Survey or Topographic Survey, is a comprehensive survey that maps the natural and man-made features of a property. The primary purpose of a Feature Level Survey is to:


- Identify and locate existing features such as buildings, roads, drainage, and vegetation

- Determine the property's topography and contours

- Map any visible utilities and services

- Provide a detailed understanding of the property's layout and characteristics


Feature Level Surveys are typically required for:


- Development and construction projects

- Infrastructure planning and design

- Environmental assessments

- Property management and maintenance


Key Differences


The main differences between Re-establishment Surveys and Feature Level Surveys are:


  1. Purpose: Re-establishment Surveys focus on property boundaries and ownership, while Feature Level Surveys focus on the property's features and characteristics.

  2. Scope: Re-establishment Surveys are typically limited to property boundaries, while Feature Level Surveys cover the entire property and its features.

  3. Detail: Re-establishment Surveys provide a high level of detail on property boundaries, while Feature Level Surveys provide a high level of detail on property features and topography.


In conclusion, Re-establishment Surveys and Feature Level Surveys serve different purposes and offer distinct benefits. Understanding the differences between these surveys will help you choose the right survey for your project. At MG Land Surveyors, we offer expert guidance and services for both Re-establishment Surveys and Feature Level Surveys. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us help you achieve your property development goals.

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