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You have probably heard of Subdivisoin and thought "can I also do that on my land?". So give us a call and let's get started!

Land surveyor melbourne subdivision

The Subdivision process helps you unlock the full potential of your land. Our experienced team of land surveyors will guide you through the entire subdivision process, from initial site surveying to the final stages of documentation and registration in the Title Office.

This process can be quite complex, often involving constant engagement from Council or relevant Authorities, but we will handle everything for you!

Why Choose MG Land Surveyors for your Subdivision?

Subdivision is a process that requires extensive planning, legal understanding, and precise surveying. When you choose MG Land Surveyors, you can expect:

  1. Comprehensive Services: We handle the entire subdivision process for you, from the initial site survey to the final registration of your new lots.

  2. Expert Guidance: We walk you through each step of the subdivision process, ensuring you're informed and confident in your decisions.

  3. Efficient and Clear Communication: We handle all correspondence with Council and servicing Authorities, ensuring your project stays on track. We understand your time is valuable so we aim to finalise all our project as quick as possible.

  4. Professional Documentation: We prepare all necessary subdivision documents, providing you with the peace of mind that all legal requirements are met. At the end, we provide all documents to yourself and your legal representative for certification at the Title Office.

Land surveyor melbourne subdivision

What's involved?


  • Searches for title and relevant survey information relating to you land;

  • Reviewing architectural drawings (if available) to determine internal boundary locations;

  • Preparation of the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision and subdivision permit application for submission to Council;

  • Responding to correspondence from Referral Authorities and communicating with you about any actions required to obtain a Statement of Compliance;

  • Site visit to finalise field notes for the Title Office;

  • Marking boundaries as necessary;

  • Amending (if necessary) the Plan of Subdivision to comply with Council and service authorities’ requirements;

  • Connecting the survey to MGA (Map Grid of Australia) if suitable coordinated marks exist within set parameters as directed by the Surveyor General of Victoria; and

  • Following approval by Council, we provide you with all relevant survey documentation (Abstract of Field Records and Surveyors Report) to support an application (by yourself or your legal representative) to the Land Registry for registration and issue of new titles.

Value of Subdivision


Subdivision offers several advantages: 

  • Maximize Your Investment: Subdivision can significantly increase the value of your property by creating additional lots for sale or development.

  • Optimize Land Use: By dividing a larger parcel into smaller lots, subdivision allows for better utilization of space, accommodating more development and helping meet housing demands.

  • Navigate Legal Process: The subdivision process can be complex, but our experienced team ensures that all legal procedures are handled accurately and efficiently.

For more information about the Subdivision process or to schedule a consultation, contact us at MG Land Surveyors today. We're here to provide the insights and services you need to move forward with your land projects confidently and securely.

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