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Everything You Need to Know About Feature and Level Surveys

What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying is a method of measuring land to accurately determine boundaries, locations, or other legal requirements such as property sales​. It is a detailed inspection that involves gathering information through observation, field measurements, research of legal documents, and data analysis when planning, designing, and establishing property boundaries. Land surveyors also draft legal descriptions of land parcels, with cadastral surveying being a common type​.

Land surveyors are experts in measuring land and determining property boundaries. Their tasks include surveying the boundaries of a parcel of land to establish legal descriptions of its location and extent, determining the position of the parcel’s boundaries and corners, subdividing parcels into lots, roads, and other features, measuring elevation, surveying existing structures such as buildings, fences, and wells, and measuring distances using advanced technology​.


MG Land Surveyors, established in 2015, is a leading firm of licensed land surveyors in Melbourne. Our team is committed to providing the finest service for all your land management requirements, including feature and level surveys, with a thorough understanding of council requirements for different projects​​.

What Are Feature and Level Surveys?

Feature and level surveys are essential components of the land surveying process. They include mapping, offsets, control points, and measurements, and can be performed on any size of land parcel. There are three main types of surveys: subdivision, Title boundary, and feature and level surveys. The type of survey required for your project will depend on factors such as budget constraints, project complexity, and desired accuracy​.

The Importance of Feature and Level Surveys

Feature and level surveys are crucial for land development or redevelopment projects, ensuring that the boundaries of the land are accurately identified. If the current fencing is at odds with the established boundary of your title, a feature survey, a field survey, and a digital or printed plan that can be admitted as a legal document once signed by our licensed surveyors might be needed​.

How MG Land Surveyors Can Help

At MG Land Surveyors, our surveyors are equipped with the necessary training to perform the required services on any job, providing clients with thorough, in-depth, yet simple-to-understand results. We ensure that all planned renovation or construction work on your property can proceed without any problem. Our land surveyors use comprehensive information to produce accurate maps detailing the boundaries and measurements of different pieces of land​​.

Whether you're a land owner, developer, architect, builder, or a real estate buyer, engaging a professional land surveyor for feature and level surveys can help avoid potential issues such as easements that affect the use of the land. At MG Land Surveyors, we are committed to providing quality and professional surveying services to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free quote​​.

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